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  The metal





Unmixed teaser, Featuring Russell Allen & Amanda Somerville     

Amanda Somerville talks about her recording experience with Amadeus Awad's EON   

John Macaluso ~ Tracking drums for The Book Of Gates     

Serenades of the Netherworld EPK

Mortal zombie 

"Season 2" teaser   

Flash Gordon suite   

System overload


Technocracy: Season 1 - The Age of Ignorance" [Official Album Preview]    

"The Heisenberg Diaries - Book A: Sounds of Future Past" [Official Trailer] 



The making of "Book A" part 1   

The making of "Book A" part 2   

Interview Sander Gommans part 1 (Dutch)   

Interview Sander Gommans part 2 (Dutch)

The making of "Book A" part 3   

Black Swan   

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