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Silent call   

Storm of emotions   

Black Hearted Soul   

Synchronicity ll   

Bleeding heart   

Reaching horizons   

Final light   

The course of nature   

Lease of live   

Deep blue   

Temple of hate   

Carry on   

No pain for the dead   


Arising thunder   

Nova era   

Make believe   

Silence and distance   

Newborn me   

Carolina lV   


So near so far   

Caça e Caçador (Hunter and prey)   


Abandoned fate   

Breaking ties   

Holy land   

Angels and demons   

Wishing well   


Millennium sun   

Waiting silence   

Stand away   

Wuthering heights   

Perfect Symmetry   

Running alone     

Travelers Of Time   

War Horns   

Kiko Loureiro leaves to Megadeth

Ømni Tour 2018


Angra - Black Widow's Web                        feat. Alissa White-Gluz & Sandy