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  The metal

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Magnum - When the world comes down   

Michael Kiske - Easy

Metalwings - Crying of the Sun

Mistheria - Sniegè

Pyramaze - The Tides That Won't Change

Pokolgép: Itt és Most

Psichotic Waltz - Devils And Angels

Revolution Saints -                                             I Wouldn't Change A Thing

Rage - Fading Hours

Rare Earth - Tobacco Road   

Rhapsody Reunion - Wings Of Destiny   

Slayer - South of heaven

Slipknot - Snuff

Savage Circus - Beyond reality   

Stiff Little Fingers - Harp   

Tony MacAlpine - Tears of Sahara

Threshold - Clear   

Tuomas Holopainen                                         A Lifetime of Adventure

Thurisaz - Endless

W.E.T. - Comes Down Like Rain