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Brainstorm is a German Power metal band from Gerstetten. The band was founded in 1989 by guitarists, Torsten Ihlenfeld, Milan Loncaric and drummer Dieter Bernert.

Brainstorm released their first demo "Hand of Doom" one year after its founding with Stefan Fronk as a singer. Later, they completed their cast with bassist, Andreas Mailänder and singer Marcus Jürgens. The band released the second demo "Heart of Hate" in 1992 in this cast.

Another demo was released in 1995 under the name "The 5th Season". After a demo again "Promo '96" and some contributions to samplers followed in 1997 finally their first record deal.

The debut album "Hungry" was produced in the same year on its own in the Heidenheim Wasteland studio. In 1998, for the second album "Unholy" as guests Dirk Schlächter (Gamma Ray), Harald Spengler (Stormwitch) are committed. The producer Charlie Bauerfeind (inter alia,                    Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray) made for a sound technically much better album.

After the separation of the singer Marcus Jürgens and a short interlude by Henning Basse (Metalium), Andy Franck was going to be the new singer, who started his career with Ivanhoe and in the meantime founded his own band Symphorce. The band signed a record contract with Metal Blade Records and created the third album "Ambiguity" directed by Dirk Schlächter and Sascha Paeth (Heavens Gate, Rhapsody of Fire, Avantasia, Aina).

In October 2001, the album produced by Achim Köhler "Metus Mortis" appeared. The new material was presented to audiences on a tour with Grave Digger and Tierra Santa. Festival appearances throughout Europe and additional concerts as supporting act for Saxon took place, followed by the fifth album "Soul Temptation". After its publication, the band played a tour in the opening act of Edguy and several festival appearances.

In 2004 the sixth album "Liquid Monster" was released, followed by the first tour as headliner. In addition, a music video for the song "All Those Words" was published, which was filmed in the mine visitors Tiefer Stollen in Aalen.

In 2006, the band played concerts at various European festivals.

In late June 2007, Brainstorm released their first DVD "Honey from the B's (Beasting Around the Bush)" with live recordings of various concerts.   In July, bassist Andreas Mailänder announced his departure, and in December, the band introduced their new bassist Antonio (Toni) Ieva (Farmer Boys, Stereo.Pilot). In October 2007, Brainstorm released their new single "Fire Walk With Me". The accompanying album "Downburst" was released at the end of January 2008. It was the most successful album to date. The following European tour was again a headlining tour and was received very positively by the fans.

In 2009 there was a change to a new record company, from "Metal Blade" to "AFM Records". In the same year the next album "Memorial Roots" was recorded and released. The following tour led the band for the first time to Mexico and again to the USA. One of the highlights was the appearance at the Masters of Rock Festival in the Czech Republic in front of over 25,000 people. "On the Spur of the Moment", the ninth album, was released in 2011 and promoted through two major tours across Europe, including Poland and Bulgaria.

With "Firesoul" appeared in April 2014, the most successful album of the band (#43 in Germany). The 2014 concert from Essen (where Brainstorm played the full album) is now included in the Limited Edition of the new album "Scary Creatures". "Scary Creatures" placed 43rd in the German charts. The album "Midnight Ghost" came out in 2018.

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Hungry (1997)

Unholy (1998)

Ambiguity (2000)

Metus Mortis (2001)

Soul Temptation (2003)

All Those Words (2005) ep

Liquid Monster (2005)

Honey from the B's (Beasting Around the Bush)  (2007) dvd

Downburst (2008)

Memorial Roots (2009)

Just Highs No Lows (12 Years of Persistence)  (2009) compilation

On the Spur of the Moment (2011)

Firesoul (2014)

Scary Creatures (2016)

Midnight Ghost (2018)

Wall of Skulls (2021)


Torsten Ihlenfeld – guitars, backing vocals   (1989-present)

Milan Loncaric – guitars, backing vocals         (1989-present)

Dieter Bernert – drums (1989-present)

Andy B. Franck – vocals (1999-present)

Antonio Ieva – bass (2007-present)

Former members

Stefan Fronk – vocals (1990–1991)

Marcus Jürgens – vocals (1991–1999)

Henning Basse – vocals (live only)

Peter Waldstätter – bass (1990)

Andreas Mailänder – bass (1990–2007)

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