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Sophie Lancaster animation 

Delain writes song about murdered Sophie Lancaster 

We are the others Delain UK interview  

Sophie Lancaster Documentary (Murdered for Being Different)   

Where is the blood   

We are the others (Sophie Lancaster tribute)      


Live Suckerpunsh Patronaat Haarlem  Play all   

01 Suckerpunsh   

02 Get the devil out of me   

03 Army of dolls   

04 Lullaby   

05 Stardust & Milk and honey   

06 Scarlet   

07 April rain   

08 Sleepwalkers dream   

09 The tragedy of the commons   

10 Here comes the vultures   

11 Don´t let go   

12 Turn the lights out   

13 Sillouette of a dancer   

14 The gathering   

15 Not enough   

16 Mother machine   

17 Stay forever   

18 We are the others