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Derdian is a Symphonic Power metal band from Milan, Italy.

The band was formed in 1998, thanks to Henry Enrico Pistolese and Marco Covelli. They intended to create a Thrash Metal band, for this purpose they were joined by Luigi Trapani and Samuele Carrari. They started by singing songs by bands like Metallica and Megadeth. After a while Luigi and Samuele left the band due to the fact that after they started creating original songs they were more of Power Metal than Thrash Metal.  

Because they needed band members, Henry and Marco also brought Max Raineri, Luca Aversa, Federico Bonetti and Andrea Figus to the band.

Released albums, departure of other members and filmed videos

Derdian's first demo was "Revenge", released in 2001. According to local critics, this album was characterized as very good. Repeated quarrels led to Federico and Max leaving the band. Marco Garau and Alexandro Colombo joined the band instead of those listed above. In January 2002 Luca Aversa left the band due to time constraints. His replacement was Massimo Sangiorgi. In the following months Derdian gave several performances of minimal importance, one of them being the one in Transylvania, the festival in Milan. Soon Andrea left, due to some quarrels. Danny Glick and Massimiliano Pitaro were to be added to the band. Danny, Marco, Massimialino and Alessandro left. Marco Sivo came to their aid, followed by the return of Massimo Sangiorgi in the band, and the soloist Joe Caggianelli arrived in the band (he remained in the band until 2012, recording              3 albums, the most successful of the band) and created his own band, Starbynari. Salvatore Giordano also joined the band. Their second demo was "Incitement", released in 2003. Cristo later left the band.

In November 2003 left Fulvio Manganini as well. In that year Derdian really started his activity, reaching many concerts in Italy. The album "New Era Part 1" released by them between February and March of 2004 was very successful, reaching to be sold mainly in Japan, Korea, Canada and the USA. The album "New Era Part 2: The War Of The Gods" was released under the logo Magna Carta Records, in 2007. The album "New Era Part 3: The apocalypse" (the band's most successful album) was released on March 2, 2010. "Limbo" was released on March 13, 2013, with a new soloist, Ivan Giannini (Vision Divine). 3 videos were filmed, for the songs Black Rose,       The hunter and Light Of Hate.

Album content

The albums are based on the story of a medieval world full of villains. The albums in the New Era series talk about a king named Golstar, the king of Derdian territory, who ends up being betrayed, the lyrics representing his thoughts. This is also true for the album New Era Part 2,                 which represents his fight against enemies. In New Era Part 3 each song is a part of the story. The trilogy practically begins with the song The Spell (spell), which explains the fact that Golstar is constantly pursued by evil spirits, especially by the evil Troghlor, who casts a spell on him.               The song depicts the words of the evil spirits spoken to Golstar.

Golstar thus becomes an evil king, who plans to attack the nearest foreign region, the Astar region, ruled by his old friend, King Exenthar.     Exenthar desperately tries to get Golstar back to normal, but fails, the only way being a bloody fight. The song "Battleplan" shows Golstar's preparation to attack Astar, being also mentioned that Golstar does not remember the fact that he was friends with Exenthar, but considers him an enemy. The band Derdian is thus known for introducing a medieval world into their lyrics, as well as the names of the characters in their story. These 3 songs listed are a summary of the trilogy, the album contains many millet songs.

The song Burn depicts the battle between the kingdom of Derdian and Astar.

Despite these things, Derdian's albums focus not only on fights, but also on romance, representing King Golstar's attempt to marry Lady Loren,    this is further emphasized in the second album, most notably in the song I Don't Wanna die, in which Golstar expresses his desire to see Lady Loren at least once.

Derdian also comes to examine the role of the woman, eventually comparing her to a black rose in Black Rose from the album New Era Part 3.

Even though the New Era Part 3 album is the most appreciated, there is also a lot of appreciation for some songs from the New Era Part 1 album.      Two of these songs are Cage of Light and Eternal Light, both based on speed and melody.

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Revenge (2001) Demo

Incitement (2003) ep

New Era Part 1 (2005)

New Era Part 2: War of the Gods (2007)

New Era Part 3: The Apocalypse (2010)

Limbo (2013)

Human Reset (2014)

Revolution Era (2016)

DNA (2018)


Ivan Giannini – Vocals

Marco Banfi – Bass

Marco Garau – Keyboards

Enrico Pistolese – Guitars

Dario Radaelli – Guitars

Salvatore Giordano – Drums

Former Members

Joe Caggianelli - Vocals

Fulvio Manganini - Bass

Samuele Carrari - Bass

Max Raineri - Bass

Luca Aversa - Guitar

Marco Covelli - Drums

Federico Bonetti - Keyboards

Andrea Figus - Vocals

Luigi Trapani - Guitar & Vocals

Daniele Orlandi - Bass

Alex Raven - Bass

Massimo Sangiorgi - Guitar

Massimiliano Pitaro - Guitar

Marco Sivo - Vocals

Danny Glick - Vocals

Cristo - Bass

Luciano "Lucio" Severgnini - Bass

Gast Invites (Revolution Era)

Fabio Lione - Turilli / Lione Rhapsody

Henning Basse - Metalium

D.C.Cooper - Royal Hunt

Andrea Bicego - 4th Dimension

Roberto Ramon Messina - Phsical Noise

Li Wang ´´Leo´´ Figaro - Minstrelix

Elisa C Martin - Dark Moor

Terence Holler - ElDritch

Mark Basile - DGM

Ralf Scheepers - Primal Fear

Davide ´Damna´ Moras - ElvenKing

GL Perotti - Extrema

Apollo Papathansaio - Evil Masquerade

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