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Rhapsoddy of Fire  Vision Divine   Angra   Ayreon

Hollow Haze/Eternal Idol   Vivaldi Metal Project

Labyrinth Piece of Time

Labyrinth No Limits

Athena A New Religion?

               Timo Tolki´s Avalon                  Angels of the Apocalypse

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Ancient Bards a New Dawn Ending

             Beto Vázquez Infinity               Battle of Valmourt

Various The Keepers of Jericho

Thy Majestie ShiHuangDi

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Sebastien Tears of White Roses

Teodasia Upwards

Alexander Koller´s Salvator        The Ariser

Evan K Blue Lightning

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Steel Seal The Lion´s Den

Aldaria Land of Light

Ancestral Dawn Souldance

Soulspell The Second Big Bang

        Coherent Souls Orchestra           The Unshatterable Light

Flor de Loto Árbol de la Vida

Vendaval Por el Tiempo

Lione/Conti Lione Conti

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