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Alogia - Visantia

Rhapsody of Fire - Lamento Eroico

Angra - Angels Cry

Angra - Stand Away ft. Tarja Turunen

Derdian - Lord Of War

Infinita Symphonia - Here There's No Why

Fabio Lione and Children of the Damned - The Evil That Men Do

Kamelot - The Haunting Simone & Fabio

Edenwar - Depths of Insanity

Enemy Of Reality - Reflected

Still Loving You - 70000 Tons of Karaoke

Fabio Lione canta Verdi

Saintsinner- Wings

Divine Wings - Enlightenment

Rhapsody of Fire -                               Lamento Eroico + Unholy Warcry

Fabio singing some opera stuff with Angra

Europica - This Land

Opera Rock - Eroe

Angra-Rebirth (acústico)

Rhapsody Of Fire -                                        The Magic of the Wizard's Dream

Wings Of Destiny - Angels & Demons

Wisdom - Marching For Liberty

Tarja & Fabio - Phantom of the Opera

Opera Solo

Giotopia - Chapter Ten: Egar's Return

Darkest Sins - Far Away

Fabio Canta Opera em Homenagem a Christopher Lee

Time to Say Goodbye

Sailing to Nowhere - Apocalypse

Ethereal Dawn - Behind Your Eyes

Fabio & Flor de Loto - Wasted Years

Gamma Ray Future World

4th Dimension - A New Dimension

Imperial Age - Warrior Race

Fabio Lione band - Fear of the dark

Fabio Lione - Highway Star


Fabio Lione VOCAL CHANGE (1993 - 2017

Interview with Fabio Lione

Metal for Kids - The Final Countdown

Dragonhammer - Lisbon

Interview with Fabio Lione             (Rhapsody, Angra) (2018)

Especial Fabio Lione 77 bandas

Sad but true

Run to the hills

Koyle ft Fabio Lione - Rock Top 100 Bilzen Belgium on the first of september 2018