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  The metal

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 Awie & Wings - Opera hidup 

Apocalyptica - Not strong enough

Amberian Dawn - Magic forest   

Ayreon - Day two: Isolation    

 Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Bon Jovi - Livin´on a prayer

Blue Öyster Cult - Take me away   

Boston - Piece of mind   

Celestial Harmonic - Moon's Ghost  

Cowgirls From Hell - Cowboys From Hell

Christopher Lee - The Bloody Verdict of Verden

Countess - By Hammer And Blood

Delain - Stardust

Dream Theater - Strange Deja Vu

Derdian - Black rose   

Dark Sara - Memories fall   

Evolvent - Love doesn´t love me

Elvenpath - Mountain of sorrows

Eluveitie - The call of the mountain   

Ensiferum - Twilight tavern

Foreigner - Cold as ice

Freedom Call - Metal is for everyone 

Fastway - Say What You Will 

Fire Strike - Night Fever   

Grave Digger - Hell funeral

Guns N´Roses - Paradise city

Glenn Hughes - Long time gone

Godsmack - I stand alone   

Hollywood Vampires - Itchycoo park

Herman Frank - Ballhog zone

Hardline - Nobody´s fool

Hanoi Rocks - Boulevard of broken dreams

Iced Earth - Dystopia 

Imperial Age - The Legacy of Atlantis

Infinita Symphonia - Fly 

In Flames - Rusted Nail    

Jeff Scott Soto - Weight of the world

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo child   

Jacklust - Megaloathe   

Jon Oliva's Pain - Through The Eyes Of The King   

Kansas - Carry on wayward son   

Kiske/Somerville - City of heroes   

Kobra and the Lotus - You Don't Know

Kreator - Hail To The Hordes

Leo Moracchioli - Hello

Leaves´ Eyes - Edge of steel

Led Zeppelin - Whole lotta love   

Lostpray - Alienation