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  The metal

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Masterplan - Time to be king

Myrath - Believer

Metalwings - Crying in the sun   

Magnum Karlsson´s Free fall - Out of the dark

Nemesea - Hear me 

Nachtblut - Lied Für die Götter

Nita Strauss guitar solo in 4K video!

Nahtram - The Wolf

Orden Ogen - The things we believe in   

Orion´s Reign - Ride to war   

21 Octayne - Addicted to thrill

Opeth - Sorceress

Primal Fear - The end is near

Pantera- Walk

Pagliacci Project - So sane   

Pink Cream 69 - Man of sorrow

Revamp - Here´s my hell

Roger Glover and guests - Love is all

Rush - Xanadu   

Rival Sons - Pressure and time 

Scorpions - The Zoo

Sirenia - The other site

Serenity - Follow me   

Sonata Arctica - The power of one   

The Hourglass - Dying star

Tristania - My last Lenore

Teodasia - Lost words of forgiveness    

Therion - Initials B.B.   

Uli Jon Roth - Virgin killer

Unisonic - Unisonic

Universal Mind Project - Vita   

U.K. - Nothing to lose

Vixen - How much love

Volbeat - Black rose   

Vendaval (with Fabio Lione) - Sigo Aquí

ViolentorY - Eve of Awakening   

W.A.S.P. - Wild child

Walk in Darkness - Heavy wings of destiny

Within Silence - Children of Light

Wind Rose - The Returning Race