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JanEmperadors-Metalarchives "The metal encyclopedia"

Heavy M/Z 3   

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Midnight Eternal - Signs of fire

Megadeth - Conquer or die

Mercyful Fate - The uninvited guest

Metal Church - Needles and suture

Obsidian Key - Time

Operation: Mindcrime - Jet City Woman  feat.Tobias Sammet

Project Aegis - Angel In The Ashes

Poison Garden - Human Machine

Power Quest - Far Away

Rage - My way

Rammstein - Ich tu dir weh

Running Wild - Black Bart   

Revolution Saints - Light In The Dark   

Sabaton - The last battalion

Symphony X - The Odyssey

Subliminal Fear - Self proclaimed Gods

Skyrim - Dragonborn 

Turisas - Stand up and fight

Testament - More than meets the eye

Toto - Hold the line   

Toy Dolls - Nellie the Elephant

UFO - Doctor Doctor   

Vandroya - The Path To The Endless Fall 

Vulcain - Ebony   

Viron - on the run

Walter Trout - Life in the Jungle    

Woodscream - The Ballad of Shannon River 


Witch Mountain - Shelter

Without Mind - Wohin Du Willst