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AC/DC - Back in black   

Arch Enemy - Enter the machine   

Animals as Leaders - Cafo   

Agent Steel - The Day at Guyana    

Biohazard - Skinny song   

Bleeding Through - The Truth   

Blind Guardian - Wheel of Time    

Cacophony - Speed metal symphony   

Cradle of Filth - Rise of the pentagram    

Coroner - Arc - Lite   

Chimaira - The Heart Of It All   

Dokken - Mr. Scary   

Dark Angel - Cauterization   

Destruction - Upcoming devastation   

Death Angel - The ultra violence    

Exhorder - Incontinence    

Enforcer - City lights   

Ephyra - Hunter´s dance   

Folkearth - Instrumental   

Fenrir - Prancing poney    

Five Finger Death Punch  - Canto 34   


Gary Moore - White Knuckles   

Godsmack - Vampires   

Heaven shall burn - Atonement    

Hallows Eve - Attack of Iguana   

Hypocras - Dance of the forest    

Hammerfall - Something For The Ages   

Iron Maiden - Genghis Khan   

Iced Earth - 1776   

In Flames - Man made God   


James Murray - The Offering Of Ascent   


King Diamond - Voices From The Past   

Kyle Hunter - Resurrect   

Luca Turilli - Caprice in A minor

Lamb of God - Ashes of the wake 

Led Zeppelin - Moby Dick