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  The metal

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Metallica - Orion   

Manowar - Hail and kill   

Megadeth - Into the lungs of hell   

Mekong Delta - Night on bare mountain   

Nightwish - Scaretale   

Nasty Savage - Horizertical   

Nuclear Assault - Live, Suffer, Die 

Overkill - Frankenstein   

Out of Master Plan - Viral murder   

Orion's Reign - Four Seasons (Summer)   

Pelican - What we all come to need   

Pagan Reign - Novgorodian folk dance   

Persefone - A Path to Enlightenment   

Prophecy Within - Adversity     

Racer X - Technical difficulties    

Rush - La villa strangiato   

Rob Johnson - Guitarchitecture   

Rage - Unity   

Sepultura - Inquisition symphony    

Sabbat - Jealousy carnage    

Sodom - Procession to Golgatha   

Sieges Even - The roads to Illiad   

Tool - Triad   

Trivium - The crusade    

Testament - Confusion fusion   

TimeMage  - The Summoning   

Van Halen - Eruption   

Vendetta - Fade to insanity    

Violator - Ordered to trash   

Voltage - Melodic Metal    

Whiplash - Ticket to Mayhem   

Witchtrap - A forgotten cemetery   

Xandria - Stardust    

Yngwie Malmsteen - Trilogy Suite op.5   

Zakk Wylde ~ Farm Fiddlin'