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Children of The Damned

Fortunes of war

Aces high 

Fear of the dark

Prodigal son  

Wasting love 

Hallowed be thy name   

Phantom of the opera

Wasted years



Run to the hills  

Seventh son of a seventh son 

Remember tomorrow

Strange world

The number of the beast   

The rime of the ancient mariner 

Dance of death

That girl 

The trooper 

Speed of light   

Afraid to shoot strangers


If eternity should fail 

Empire of clouds

The loneliness of the long distance runner

Infinite dreams

Caught somewhere in time

Alexander the great   

The prophecy

Mother Rusia

Como estáis amigos  

The History Of Iron Maiden part 1

The History Of Iron Maiden - Part  2

The History Of Iron Maiden - Part 3

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