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This story is about the Italian, brilliant workaholic composer Luca Turilli, with Luca Turilli´s Dreamquest, and Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, and is a spin-off of Rhapsody Of Fire.  For the lates project you go to Turilli / Lione Rhapsody  

The LT´s Rhapsody lineup is Patrice Guers bass, Dominique Leurquin lead and rhythm guitar, Alessandro Conti lead vocals, Luca Turilli  lead and rhythm guitar, keyboards, orchestral arrangements, producer, engineer, cover concept, and Alex Landenburg drums. 

In the beginning there was Thundercross. But that band name was soon renamed, Rhapsody, which showed a significantly better name for the symphonic power metal of this Italian quintet. As pioneers of irresistible orchestral heavy, true and power metal combined with symphonic, prog, folk and especially many neoclassical elements Rhapsody became the standard-bearer of a new Metal genre. Luca Turilli & co. grew to become the beloved crusaders of their own epic Stradivarius metal. Rhapsody proved an impregnable medieval fortress that could not even be conquered by valiant princes on unicorns, mythical red dragons and vile trolls.

In 2006, however, the band changes due to a copyright issue its name to Rhapsody Of Fire and then falling amicably in 2011 into two new bands. 

Alex Staropoli and Fabio Lione continue with Rhapsody Of Fire. Luca, founded his own Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody on which to date has released two albums: "Ascending to Infinity" (2012) and the recently published 'Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus. Luckely, musically it stayd all the same, and still resound ever echoes of Manowar, Vivaldi, Bach, Paganini and Yngwie Malmsteen. The band was founded in 2011 by former members of Rhapsody Of Fire, Luca Turilli, Patrice Guers, Alex Holzwarth and Dominique Leurquin.


Of his father, who as a freelance artist played in orchestras, Luca, was very early confronted with classical music and studied piano, flute and guitar. Are great examples of classical music included VivaldiPaganini and Bach

He has developed his enthusiasm for film scores (film music).

He has overcome cancer at the age of 21, that's why he always wants to get out of life what´s in it, and in that same year 1993, he founded together with Alex Staropoli symphonic power metal band "Thundercross" on, (what in 1997 was changed to Rhapsody, and in 2006 renamed Rhapsody of Fire, because that name was already officially registered), and debuted in 1997 with the album Legendary Tales. He developed his own genre, Film Score Metal. In his time at Rhapsody of Fire he had also his own solo projects, including four albums under his own name and one album as Luca Turilli's Dream Quest.

In September 1999 he released his first solo album, King of the Nordic Twilight of which was the cornerstone of the Cosmic Vision trilogy conceived by him. The singer of the project was Olaf Hayer, and the bass player was Sascha Paeth. (This name we are going to see in a future story on the rock opera Avantasia, where Sascha centrifuged as Lead guitarist and producer). In 2002 he released the second album, Prophet of the Last Eclipse. The EP,  Demonheart also in 2002 and in 2006, the third album, The Infinite Wonders of Creation.

Still in 2006, he formed with Luca Turilli's Dreamquest a new band with which he seeks a new style. Dreamquest is more under the influence of the electronic elements, the song takes a mezzo-soprano on its behalf, while he played keyboards and other instruments. The debut album Lost Horizons  appeared in 2006. In 2011, Luca left Rhapsody of Fire after the publication of the ninth studio album on a friendly level, and founded along with several other band members Luca Turilli's Rhapsody.

Since 2013 Luca Turilli also works as a music producer with his own company, Luca Turilli Music Productions, providing the composition, song writing and arrangements for the genres of pop, rock, folk, electronic and symphonic music, as well as the entertainment industry (video games, etc.)


In August 2011, Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli announced to end their fifteen-year collaboration. However, they decided that both bands should retain the name Rhapsody. Alex Staropoli continues as Rhapsody of Fire while Luca Turilli will continue as Luca Turilli's Rhapsody. With the split LucaTurilli also ended his solo career to concentrate fully on his new band.

Luca took bassist Patrice Guers and guitarist Dominique Leurquin with him to the new band, while vocalist Fabio Lione and Alex Staropoli remained in Rhapsody of Fire. The drummer Alex Holzwarth wanted to work in both bands. If the new singer Alessandro Conti was added to the band. He had completed his studies at the tenor Corale Lirica Rossini (as Luciano Pavarotti).

The first album

Luca immediately started with the composition of the new album, Ascending to Infinity, where he executive took into account of the previous albums with Alex Staropoli.

Ascending to Infinity was never intended as a fourth Luca Turilli solo album or a stand-alone project, like many mistakenly initially thought. I want to keep writing Rhapsody music there with my former colleague Alex Staropoli clear agreements about. Of course I had after the fantasy saga of our last joint project, the freedom to develop the sound, to add modern elements and all threads are writing close to my heart: the secrets of our planet, Secrets of the Past, myths, psychology, anthropology, science, science fiction, personal development, etc. But still sounds the essence of the whole Rhapsody and reveals a glimpse into my irrepressible passion for movies and the world of soundtracks. - Luca Turilli

The album was produced by Luca himself, and the recordings of drums, bass and vocals were performed in Sebastian Roeder's Backyard Studios in Kempten. As used his orchestral arrangements. The new style is characterized by emphasizing elements of the soundtrack, which is why the new genre name Cinematic Metal was introduced. The band's motto is thus "Born to sound cinematic". Unlike Rhapsody of Fire no thread will be connected between the individual albums; The individual numbers are only loosely related.

The love of the cinema and the choral music is evident in every song on the album. The urge epic cinematic influence on my work is in my blood, formalized in my genetic code. I can not help it. I love movies of all genres, particularly the striking Hollywood blockbusters, and I admire soundtrack composers like Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman. - Luca Turilli

Drummer Alex Holzwarth had to realize that it would be impossible for him to play in two bands simultaneously. So he decided after the completion of the album, only to participate in Rhapsody of Fire. In Luca´s band came as new drummer, Alex Landenburg (Mekong Delta, former Axxis).

Ascending to Infinity appeared on June 22, 2012; The European tour was launched in Charleroi, Belgium on the 10th of November. Both new as well as old songs were played of Luca Turilli solo albums and those of the old Rhapsody albums. The tour was advertised as "Cinematic World Tour", the band promised in this sense, to show a "multi-visual". As additional live keyboardist, the Finn, Mikko Harkin (ex Sonata Arctica) was involved. The absence of guitarist Dominique Leurquin was due to a serious accident of his hand through a circular saw, by which he could not participate in the tour.

Recent work

On January 24, 2013 it was announced that the band has a long-term cooperation with the Czech conductor Petr Pololanik (with Rhapsody of Fire in 2004, the album Symphony of Enchanted Lands II The Dark Secret) with more than 100 people counting Capellen Orchestra & Choir. The band promises for the coming months "many artistic surprises and special live and studio events." It was also said that the second studio album will be released in late spring 2014, in cooperation with Pololanik and his orchestra and choir On November 6, 2013 the band released the working title of the new album known: Prometheus Symphonia Ignis Divinus. (Prometheus, Symphony of the Divine Fire)  First, the release of the album was established June / July 2014, but it was only in March 2015 that it was announced, and June 19, 2015 deadline. Provisionally released on April 24, the first single, Rosenkreuz (The Rose and the Cross).

On June 19, 2015 the new CD was released.

A mouthful is the title of Rhapsody's new album, but with an insane beautiful opening track "Nova Genesis" you remember why this Italian band for years been a major power in the symphonic metal. With beautiful choruses and sweeping orchestral sounds they quickly overcome the listener. "Il Cigno Nero" sets the tone for the album and the rest follows quickly. It is again a true opera because the Rosary following the choirs sing together and is the voice of frontman Alessandro Conti just one part. That this band is still under contract with Nuclear Blast state is audible. Beautifully finished record with beautiful artwork. "Anahata" (meaning) begins as a tale that could have been heard as in a fairy forest until the metal kicks in.

Delightful alternation between the epic and the hard side of the band. In "Prometheus" (meaning) all the stops are pulled open and is the song very bombastic and overwhelming. Who listens to the record to do this is equally easy, with good headphones for maximum listening pleasure.

To conclude, how could it be otherwise, has opted for a mega track. eighteen minutes counting "Of Michael The Archangel And Lucifer's Fall Part II: Codex Nemesis". A complete story as only Luca can make it. You will be taken on a journey and not released.

Actually, everything's worth listening to. But what do you want, with more than 100 people counting Choir and Orchestra. Plus a band with only class musicians.   Spotify   iTunes   Twitter   Instagram

Entrevista a Luca Turilli: un compositor debe satisfacer su corazon y alma   Mi música siempre ha estado conectada a los soundtracks de peliculas  

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Luca Turilli


King of the Nordic Twilight (1999)

Prophet of the Last Eclipse (2002)

The Infinite Wonders of Creation (2006)

Last Line-up

Olaf Hayer - lead vocals (1999-2011)

Luca Turilli - guitars (1999-2011), keyboards  (2005-2011)

Sascha Paeth - bass (1999-2011)

Robert Hunecke-Rizzo - drums (1999-2011)

Former members

Miro - keyboards (1999–2005)

Bridget Fogle - female lead vocals (2005-2007

Luca Turilli's Dreamquest


Lost Horizons (2006)


"Mystique" (identity unknown) - Vocals

Dominique Leurquin - Guitar

Luca Turilli - Keyboard

Sascha Paeth - Bass

Robert Hunecke-Rizzo - Drums

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody


Ascending to Infinity (2012)

Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus (2015)

Prometheus - The Dolby ATMOS Experience + Cinematic and Live (2016) live

Last Line-up

Alessandro Conti - lead vocals   (2011–2018)

Luca Turilli - lead and rhythm guitarkeyboards (2011–2018)

Dominique Leurquin - lead and rhythm guitar  (2011–2018)

Patrice Guers - bass (2011–2018)

Alex Landenburg - drums (2012–2018)

Live members

Mikko Härkin - keyboards (2012–2018)

Former members

Alex Holzwarth - drums (2011–2012)

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