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Pagliacci is an upcoming metal-opera/art-metal project from Bulgaria, founded in 2014 by two ex-members of the symphonic metal act Allegorist. 

Zhivko Koev (keyboards, music, lyrics) and Katerina Simeonova (vocals). 

Their concept album "The Village of Madmen" will be released around the end of 2017. It will feature 4 vocalists (each playing the role one of the four main characters in the story) and lots of guest musicians from all over the world.

Cast & Crew Biographies

Zhivko Koev

Zhivko is a Bulgarian composer, Kapellmeister and arranger at,

Vivaldi Metal Project, keyboardist, lyricist and founding member of the bands Pagliacci and Allegorist. He started playing the piano at the age of twelve with the sole purpose of learning to compose his own music. 

Two years later he joined his first metal band.

Zhivko has been influenced by various genres including Prog-Rock

Gothic Metal, Symphonic Metal and Classical Music

He combines all of these influences (and more) in his original compositions. 

He is known for his story-driven songwriting and conceptual lyrics. 

(concept album

In his work, he strives to achieve a balance between the musical and lyrical components, of a song so that they enhance and complement one another.

About the Vivaldi Metal Project, Zhivko says: “I love the idea for the 

Vivaldi Metal Project! Vivaldi’s music has always a special place in my heart and in the line-up for the Project I see some of my all-time favourite musicians!

Katerina Simeonova

Katya is a classically trained mezzo-soprano from Bulgaria.
She also sings metal and alternative music

Katya started taking singing lessons at the age of 15 and has gradually focused her vocal studies in Chamber music.
She sings in the metal bands Pagliacci and Allegorist, and has collaborated with artists in different genres of Metal and Rock.

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Zhivko Koev (keyboards, music, lyrics)

Katerina Simeonova (vocals)

The exact amount of collaborating musicians we do not know at this time, because we are still in the studio, working on the album—Zhivko Koev 

Pagliacci stayed on june 1 2017 at "The Lunch" and introduced new music from their new album

Zhivko Koev, creator and author of the Pagliacci metal opera project, is visiting "The Lunch" with Elena Rosberg. He and singer Katerina Simeonova presented new music from the new mini-album (ep) of the band.

The first official edition of the Bulgarian metal opera project, Pagliacci will be released on June 8th. 

The mini album is called "Yours Sincerely, Sister Josephine" and contains 5 songs.

Musicians from all over
 the world, including: Mistheria, (Vivaldi Metal Project) Bruce Dickinson (Iron MaidenVivaldi Metal Project), 

Benjamin Lechuga (Delta), Julie Bélanger Roy (MärchenbilderGone in April), Dez Marinkov (I.V.R., Nemo) and others.

"Yours Sincerely, Sister Josephine" is a conceptual mini-album introducing the listener to the world, the story and some of the characters in Pagliacci's work.The events described in the EP link the story lines of the upcoming first and second al
bums of the project.

In the roles of the four characters, the vocalists were: Katerina Simeonova (ex-AllegoristVivaldi Metal Project), 
Dimitar Naydev (Ghost Warfare)

Dimitar Belchev (Violentory) and Elitsa Stoyanova (Aegonia.)

From June 8, the album will be available for listening on Spotify and buying from all major online stores like iTunes and Google Play. 

"Yours Sincerely, Sister Josephine" will be released digital, and on a physical medium, (CD) featuring three bonus tracks: 

Dear Brother Dominick
Black Flowers
So Sane
Wise Men & Lunatics
Calling Melchizedek