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Fading Hours

My Way 

Phoenix Rising      

Alison Hell      


I am busy to put Live photos on each second page of all the bands, and to take away all the video titles (on the videos). Like on this page, and all the video pages. It´s more beautiful I think. On each first band page I will put as well a link for the official YouTube-channel, and a link to the bands website shop on the second page. (Store) And I will change the photo animation, maybe it´s a little nicer and I think it loads a little quicker. 

It´s ready until Edguy,

+ Rhapsody Reunion with a new video playlist and Live photos of there performance on February 23, 2018 at the Effenaar in Eindhoven Holland. Plus a third page with a schedule of there farewell-tour. + new photos

Because it´s more and more work to finish a band, and I put more and more things on the site, I have to finish one band in two weeks instead of one.

The number of bands are: 113

If you don´t see a flash photo animation, with the photos on the band-pages, then allow flash in your browser for this website. Then the animation will be there. For more info and photos go to Info         

Underneath are videos I found. Later on I will put them on the Ballad pages, Heavy pages, or band-pages.



Walk in Darkness - A Way to the Stars

Queensryche-Ballad In B Minor 

Testament - Brotherhood of the Snake

Kreator - Hail To The Hordes

Roy Khan - Silent Crying   

Ronnie James Dio with Deep Purple & Orchestra - Sitting in a Dream / Love is All  

Arch Enemy - The World Is Yours

Dio - Wild One   

Rainbow - Waiting For a Sign   

Sunstorm - Edge of Tomorrow

Dimmu Borgir & Orchestra - Gateways   

Mastodon - Crack The Skye   

  Lords Of Black - Icons Of The New Days

Visions of Atlantis - Winternight   

Kreator - Hail To The Hordes    

Vulcain - Ebony   



Ensiferum - One More Magic Potion