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Last band finished: 

 Uli Jon Roth

Next band to finish: 

Michael Schenker

Acoustic guitar-solo   

The sails of Charon   


Doctor doctor   

Because of a software update, to make the website better for tablets, the design was to old-fashion, I have to make another design. 

That´s why I can not continue with Michael Schenker at the moment. First I have to make the website usable again. That will take some time. 

(More than 200 pages) It´s ready until Elvenking

I think the picture of the dragon is better than the old one because that one was very brown. And we like black, right?

Underneath are videos I found. Later on I will put them on the Ballad / Heavy pages, or band-pages.

Leah - This present darkness   

Leah - Dreamland   

Dragonforce - Midnight Madness   

Helloween - Kids Of The Century   

Robin Beck - Here I Am 

Sons Of Apollo - Coming Home   

Bonfire - You Make Me Feel   

The Dark Element - My Sweet Mystery  

Celestial Harmonic—Moon´s ghost  

Helloween - Pumpkins united