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On this page you can see what I did, and what I am doing on the site

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All Those Words

Now that Brainstorm is fineshed, I will continue with the remake

I have the possibility for another kind of widgets, for the images, without Flash. The first bands are ready like this. Star One is the first one.                More beautiful, loads faster. When I am ready with the remake, I have to start all over again with chainging all the images. (+-3oo pages)

If you click on JANEMPERADORS-Metalarchives, on the top, you go as well to the Home-page. But if you click on the moving text, on the first page you go to,

I made a change on the "Bands" page and the "All Music" page, a different style of buttons. More beautiful I think.

I hope you like the new design. All to get rid of the block with band-names, that grew bigger and bigger. Now you don´t have to scroll anymore.

I made a new page, "All Music", there are the links to all the "All Music" pages, of all the bands. (Still working on it)

If you are a little mixed-up with all the Rhapsody´s, go to Turilli / Lione Rhapsody for some explanation. (What kind of Rhapsody)

I am busy to make a big change, all to make the pages quicker to load, and one extra page, All Music.                                                                                           Page 1: English, Page 2: Dutch, Page 3: Videos, Page 4: Live Videos, and Page 5: All Music. It´s ready until Symphony X.                                                 Underneeth every first band-page, I will put a Facebook widget.          

The internal links in the stories on the pages will not work for the moment because of replacing the text, with the remake of the website. When everything is ready I will solve that problem. There will be no problem with the external links.

If there is a moment that you can not reach the site, it means that I ´m uploading it. Uploading the site takes more than 30 minutes. I try to  upload between 05.30 and 06.00 CET in the morning (Amsterdam time)

The number of bands are: 135. The number of bands on the Concert Agenda are more than 1000.

Hint: If you don´t see a flash photo animation, with the photos on the band-pages, then allow flash in your browser for this website. If you are on, just click with the left button of your mouse on the lock in the browser. Then allow flash, and the animation will be there. For more info and photos go to Info. But it takes more time to load the images, specially on the all music pages.

Underneath are videos I found. Later on I will put them on the Ballad pages, Heavy pages, or band-pages.

Turilli/Lione Rhapsody - 'Zero Gravity [Rebirth And Evolution] (Official Teaser)

DIO Returns 2019 Tour

Avantasia - Moonglow World Tour 2019 



Francisco Dall´O´ - Ave Maria

Greta Van Fleet - A Change Is Gonna Come

Rhapsody of Fire - Master Of Peace

Tragacanth - Death: Journey's End

Iron Mask - You Are My Blood

Pantera - Hollow

The History Of Iron Maiden - Compleet

Magic Kingdom - Dragon Princess

Lyria - Let Me Be Me

Nightwish - Live At Wacken Open Air 2018

Ektomorf - The Prophet Of Doom

Rotting Christ -The Raven

Powerwolf - Fire & Forgive

Sabaton - Bismarc

Gloryhammer - The Siege of Dunkeld

Nick Aidonidis - Total Control

Sabaton - Fields of Verdun

Cruel Juno - A Little Punctuation            (feat. Fabio Lione)



Venhill - Altersolution