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The March Of The Varangian Guard

Stand Up And Fight

I Miss You

All The Small Things


Again I am very limited in time this weekend, to start with the new band.

Thats why it´s better I think that I first make some new play lists on the video pages, and then starting with the new band.

I started with making one page with all the playlists on it, better if you are not interested in the story, but only in the music.

I made one main page for the Ronnie James Dio story.  (Ronnie James Dio)

From there you can go to the 12 pages, and back. (Go to the main page) on the top of each first page

I am still busy to put Live photos on each second page of all the bands, and to take away all the video titles (on the videos). Like on this page, and all the video pages. It´s more beautiful I think. On each first band page I will put as well a link for the official YouTube-channel, and a link to the bands website shop on the second page. (Store) And I will change the photo animation, maybe it´s a little nicer and I think it loads a little quicker.

It´s ready until, Volbeat. When this is ready, than I want to put all the videos of the band-pages on seperate pages, to make the site faster to load.

If there is a moment that you can not reach the site, it means that I am uploading it. Uploading the site takes about 20 minutes.

I made a third page for Civil War, with all there music on it. Just a try-out. Go to there first page and click on "Go to all music"

Because it´s more and more work to finish a band, and I put more and more things on the site, I have to finish one band in two weeks instead of one. Like this I have more time to do other things on the site.

The number of bands are: 126. The number of bands on the Concert Agenda are more than 1000

If you don´t see a flash photo animation, with the photos on the band-pages, then allow flash in your browser for this website. Then the animation will be there. For more info and photos go to Info         

Underneath are videos I found. Later on I will put them on the Ballad pages, Heavy pages, or band-pages.

Angra - Ømni Tour 2018

Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2018 Winter Tour

Avantasia - Moonglow World Tour 2019 



Francisco Dall´O´ - Ave Maria

Greta Van Fleet - A Change Is Gonna Come

Greta Van Fleet - When The Curtain Falls

Preview of New Album : Cuori , Dame , Fiere , Luci e Tenebre... Unofficial Trailer N. 1