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I hope you like the new design. All to get rid of the block with band-names, that grew bigger and bigger. Now you don´t have to scroll anymore.

New band to finish when the remake of the website is ready until the L (LucaTurilli) After that I will continue again with the remake of the site.

I made a new page, "All Music", there are the links to all the "All Music" pages of all the bands.

If you are a little mixed-up with all the Rhapsody´s, go to Turilli / Lione Rhapsody for some explanation. (What kind of Rhapsody)

I am busy to make a big change, all to make the pages quicker to load, and one extra page, All Music.                                                                                           Page 1: English, Page 2: Dutch, Page 3: Videos, Page 4: Live Videos, and Page 5: All Music. It´s ready until Lita Ford.                                                     Underneeth every first band-page, I will put a Facebook widget.          

The internal links in the stories on the pages will not work for the moment because of replacing the text. When everything is ready I will solve that problem. There will be no problem with the external links.

If there is a moment that you can not reach the site, it means that I am uploading it. Uploading the site takes a little over 30 minutes.

The number of bands are: 133. The number of bands on the Concert Agenda are more than 1000.

If you don´t see a flash photo animation, with the photos on the band-pages, then allow flash in your browser for this website. Then the animation will be there. For more info and photos go to Info         

Underneath are videos I found. Later on I will put them on the Ballad pages, Heavy pages, or band-pages.

Nightwish Live At Wacken Open Air 2018

Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2018 Winter Tour

Avantasia - Moonglow World Tour 2019 



Francisco Dall´O´ - Ave Maria

Greta Van Fleet - A Change Is Gonna Come

Greta Van Fleet - When The Curtain Falls

Preview of New Album : Cuori , Dame , Fiere , Luci e Tenebre... Unofficial Trailer N. 1

Iron Mask - You Are My Blood

Vision Divine - Angel of Revenge

Myrath - Dance

Martyr - Into The Darkest Of All Realms

Killing Cult Society - Frozen

The Lucifer Principle - The Pitch Black Dawn

Venom - Live Bloodstock 2018

The Hangman's Lament                          Follow The Dead Lights

The Grave Denial - Fake                      (formely known as Evercross)

Iron Mask - I Don't Forget