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Just some videos to show what this website is about. Story about the band, photos and videos. Go to Info for more info. (En/Ne/Es)

About Ballads

Zakk Wylde - Lost prayer

Pagliacci Project - Wise men & lunatics 

Fairyland - In duna  

Guns N´Roses - Patience  

Christian metal     

About Heavy

Elvenking - Elvenlegions

Heaven and hell - I

Pagliacci Project (feat. Snowy Shaw)            A Place To Hide   

Jacklust - Megaloathe  

Power Metal   

About Symphonic Metal

Rhapsody of Fire - The Magic of the Wizard's Dream      

Xandria - Sweet atonement 

Epica - Illusive consensus   

LT´s Rhapsody - Prometheus   

Gothic metal   

About Instrumental

Blackmore´s Night - Mond tanz    

Edenbridge - My earth dream suite for Guitar and orchestra     

Arch Enemy - Enter the machine    

Iron Maiden - Genghis Khan   

Folk rock  

About Live

Dio - As long as it´s not about love   

Delain - Restless    

Motörhead - Ace of spades   

Revamp - Here´s my hell

Blues rock   

About Live concerts

Michael Schenker - Rock hard festival 2015

Nirvana - Live at Reading 1991

Ozzy Osbourne - Live in Argentina 2008 

Rory Gallagher - Reitstadion Stuttgart 1994  

Rock Radio   

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This website is just a hobby, because this music is my passion. I don´t own nearly any of the content.       

Outside my own know-how I use Wikipedia to supplement the information in order to make the most complete story. Thanks to Wikipedia and YouTube.     

Buiten mijn eigen know-how gebruik ik Wikipedia ter aanvulling van de informatie, om een zo compleet mogelijk verhaal te maken. Met dank aan Wikipedia en YouTube.   

Fuera de mi propio conocimiento utilizo Wikipedia para complementar la información con el fin de hacer la historia más completa. Gracias a Wikipedia y YouTube.  

How does this website work? (En/Ne/Es)

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Christian metal    

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Rock Ballads

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