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Angra - Make Believe   

Accept - Pomp and Circumstance    

Aerosmith - Dream On   

After Forever - Leaden Legacy   

Blackmore´s Night - Mond Tanz   

Blind Guardian - A Past in Future Secret  

Bon Jovi - I´ll Be There For You   

Bernie Marsden - The Supernatural   

Cheap Trick - The Flame   

Celestial Harmonic - The Fall   

City of the Lost - A Coming storm   

Charlie Parra - The dragonborn comes   

Def Leppard - Love bites   

Delain - Stay forever    

Dream Theater - Wither   

Deep Purple - Son of Alerik   

Edenbridge - My earth dream suite for Guitar and orchestra   

Edguy - Forever   

Ensiferum - Ad victoriam   

Epica - The fifth guardian - interlude   

Firewind - Before the storm   

Flotsam and Jetsam - I.A.M.H.   

Foreigner - I want to know what love is   

Folkearth - Journey ends   

Gamma Ray - Lonesome stranger   

Gary Moore - Spanish guitar   

Gloryhammer - Anstrutruther´s dark prophecy   

Guns N´ Roses - Estranged/Without You

Hammerfall - In memoriam   

Helloween - Forever and one   

Hitwood - Her red hair   

Harem Scarem - Mandy   

In Flames - The Jester´s dance   

Immortal Flame - Grey heaven fall   

Insomnium - The Emergence    

Joe Satriani - Always with me, always with you 

Journey - Lights   

Joey Summer - Enlightened   

John Petrucci - Wishful thinking   

Kamelot - Under grey skies   

Kansas - Musicatto   

King Diamond - Insanity    

Kittie - Immortal   

Led Zeppelin - Thank you (cover)   

Loudness - Farewell   

Luca Turilli - Rondeau in C minor   

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