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Marty Friedman - Tears of an angel   

Marco Sfogli - Heartburn   

Michael Schenker - Harmony   

Manowar - Today is a good day to die   

Nick Johnston - Remarkably human   

Nightwish - Wonderfields   

Neal Schön - Sent me an angel   

Narnia - Misty Morning 

Omnium Gatherum - Watcher of the Skies 

Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer    

Orion's Reign - Für Elise   

Pink Floyd - Cluster one   

Persefone - Sitting in Silence   

Pryme Tyme - Undine   

  Power Quest - Distant Lands

Roland Grapow - Listen to the lyrics   

Ricky Furlani - Sincerely   

Rick Graham - It never rains   

Ralph Santolla - What might have been   

Steve Vai - For the love of God   

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lenny    

Steve Lukather - The Truth   

Satoshi Matsuo - Atmosphere     

Tommy Denander - Forever       

Thomas Larsson - Cosmic safari    

Thin Lizzy - Song for Jesse   

Tony MacAlpine - Tears of Sahara    

Ulytau - Yapyr-Ai

Vinnie Moore - Coming home   

Vitalij Kuprij - Crying in The Shadows

Vision Divine - Waiting For The Dawn

White Lion - Blue Monday   

Xandria - Sweet atonement    

XI-ON - Metal Arrangements #11

Yngwie Malmsteen - Black star   

Zakk Wylde - Farewell ballad   

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